T.N.C.S.C Modern Rice Mill Hulling Agent Software Package (ver6.0)



Paddy Lifting & Rice Deposit Points
Transport Distance & Charge
Gunny Weight
Rice Moisture
Quality Cut Norms
Unused Gunny Recovery Percentage
Rice Outturn Percentage


Paddy Allotment Entry
Delivery Order Entry
Paddy Receipt Entry
Rice Deposit Entry
Quality Cut Entry
Hulling Process Stage Entry
Empty Gunny Received/Deposit Entry
Write Off Rice Balance and Empty Gunny Recovery Entry
Transport Bill Generation

Generated Reports

List of Points (Rice Deposit & Paddy Lifted)
Daily Statement
Delivery Order Balance
Delivery Order Statement
Paddy Received Statement (Breakup / Month wise)
Rice Deposited Statement (Breakup / Month wise)
Empty Gunny Received/Deposited
Gunny Depreciation Statement
Godown wise DO-Paddy Comparative Statement
Godown wise Rice Deposited Statement
Monthly Hulling Allotment Statement for Requisition
Hulling Bill
Transport Bill

Future Updating

Estimated Quality Cut Slip Generation (Under Testing)