Instaclean Product Details

Instaclean, a creation of Faraday Ozone, is an innovative portable air purifier that can eliminate any odor with the use of ozone.

Can be used in Home, Hospital, Office, Hotel, Industries, Food Storage etc... Instaclean, through a simple practice of circulating ozone, can wipe out strong odour or micro organisms in a short span of one hour with a room size extending upto 500 sqft.

And the device comes with a timer too. So go ahead and breathe some good air, for the device can be carried and installed anywhere you want.


Technical Details :

  • Model AS100
  • Input Power 230V AC 50Hz Power Consumption 50 Watts
  • Principle of Operation High Frequency
  • Corona Discharge Ozone Production 2000 mg/hr
  • Room Size 500 sq.ft / 5000 cu.ft
  • Enclosure Material Stainless steel Operating Method Timer operated
  • Dimension (L x W x H in cm) 41.5 x 16 x 27.2 Weight Kgs 3.9

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